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The Easter bunny came and left so many eggs that we want to share with you. So, Through out the month when you come in you can pull and egg out of our basket for a prize up to 20% off your order. Eligible for purchases over $100, excluding repairs.

KEEPING THE WORLD SEWING™ Advanced Design Positioning
April 1 – April 30, 2021

In April we show off another one of our best-in-class features – Advanced Design Positioning. Available on the DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 and DESIGNER SAPPHIRE™ 85 sewing & embroidery machines – this feature will place and match embroideries with stitch point accuracy. And when working with hooped projects, you can simply take a photo of their hooped fabric with the Design Placement App in mySewnet™ and send it to their machine to exactly position their design! Remember, this App is FREE to download, only a mySewnet™ account needs to be created to use it! The Mega Endless Hoop is a must add-on accessory that works great with both of these machines and with Design Positioning!

April 1 – April 30, 2021

Basic Design Positioning, available on the DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 40 and DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50 sewing and embroidery machines places designs with amazing precision! With this feature, you will always know exactly where to place your embroideries without having to use templates. The Endless Embroidery Hoop II is an excellent add-on accessory – joining large borders has never been easier!

mySewnet™ Embroidery Software
April 1 – April 30, 2021

mySewnet™ Embroidery Software is now available for you to OWN with a one-time purchase (perpetual) of either the Boxed Software complete with printed manuals or simply a digital download code. This perpetual version of the software is available for purchase in 3 levels – SILVER, GOLD, or PLATINUM, and does NOT come with mySewnet™ Library. You also have the option to purchase a monthly subscription via www.mysewnet.com, or a yearly subscription directly from us. Subscriptions are available in 2 levels, PLATINUM for $49.99/month or $499.99/year and SILVER $24.99/month or $249.99/year (the annual prices are a promotional offer of 12 months for the price of 10).

Sewing In Style!

The Factory has partnered with Arrow Sewing Cabinets to bring you options to keep your sewing colorful! Arrow’s Sewing Chair is one of our most popular and recognizable products. These colorful sewing chairs come in a wide range of colors (green, red, blue, black, white, pink and even oak) with several fabric options so they look great in any sewing room.

The hidden storage compartment has a padded fabric lid making it a comfortable chair for sewing long hours. Don’t miss our new Hydraulic Sewing Chair which features a hidden storage compartment, lumbar support and a 5-caster star base. We also have a limited selection of Arrow sewing cabinets.

From your Friends at The Factory Jeff, Christe, Missy and Helen

Mask are still needed and appreciated!

We appreciate all of the mask that have been donated to us and we have passed them on, however no one expected to have this virus around this long mask are still scares. If you find yourself able to make extra we will be glad to take them to places for you!

Quick Fixing Tips

As a reminder by doing these 3 things to your sewing machine or serger will solve 50% of all problems. *Re-threading your machine *Change your needle *Making sure the bobbin is in its casing the correct way. You should be able to see your thread over the top of your bobbin, on the top load drop in bobbins, If not then you may have a problem that needs further attention.

Classes are back!

We have get to know your sewing machine classes. If you purchased your machine from us, these classes are free, otherwise, they are as follows: These classes are on Wednesdays from 5:00 pm-6:00 pm .

1st Wednesday of each month, Basic machine operation, mechanical machines. Cost: $40.00

2nd Wednesday of each month, Basic machine operation, computerized machines. $40.00

3rd Wednesday of each month, High end sewing and embroidery machine operation, along with embroidery. Cost: $50.00

4th Wednesday of each month, Basic serger operation. Cost: $50.00

If there is a 5th Wednesday in the month, we have basic maintenance of your sewing machine. Cost: $50.00

Please call at least 2 days ahead to reserve your seating.

Dead and Gone!

Old, Rotten thread can cause problems with machines like thread lock. We receive 2-3 machines a week that is thread locked due to rotten thread. To prevent this from happening to you, bring in your old thread to get checked and if you do happen to have dead thread we will recycle it for you and you will receive 20% off new thread from us! Thread rots especially in this climate. Dead thread can happen anytime! No one is safe!

Blast from the past!

Pictured is an old Singer 221 sewing machine manual dated back to 1930! Still in tacked and mint-condition.

Charities need us too!

We wanted to share this lovely card we received back from the Special Olympics for our donation, one of many charities that we support. Charities need us more than ever right now. Please remember them and donate when you are able. Charities help spread love and joy and we all need a little bit of that!

Thanks A’Million!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for all of your support over our 43 years, together we will get thru this.

Tell your friends: -We sharpen scissors starting at $5 with next day pickup! -Layaway and financing available throughout the year on most machines. -You can always stop in for a hug! They are always free , although very much frowned upon during this pandemic. -We want to hear from you! If you have any suggestions including class suggestions or would like to see something else in the newsletter we would love to hear from you !
Here is Missy all dressed for Easter! From your friends and family here at The Factory! Jeff, Christe, Helen and Missy